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Health and Wellness Coaching



Overall health is much more than the standard medical definition of “an absence of disease”. It demands a high level of vitality in your whole mind, body and spirit. True health gives you the vibrant energy you need to perform your daily and lifelong tasks effectively and joyfully. Tia is committed to helping individual clients reach their wellness goals by addressing the whole person encompassing LIFESTYLE, EXERCISE, ATTITUDE, and NUTRITION.

Real change is possible and it is a constant practice, much like meditation and yoga. Change is a choice, and, in many ways, real deep-rooted change requires intentional upkeep, perseverance, and a ton of heart when we get off track, lose momentum, or sidestep any of our greatest intentions (insert COACH Tia!) The aim of health and wellness coaching is not to create a new YOU but to remain true to yourself as you become the BEST possible you. What is it that you want to change?


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My Why

Over the past 30 years, I have explored many different aspects and angles of fitness, health, and wellness. My journey started in the 90’s as an aerobics instructor alongside my dance training at the Governor's School for the Arts. With group exercise as my primary employment and personal training soon to follow, I gained a tremendous amount of experience and confidence in the physical coaching profession. I witnessed and participated in many dance, yoga and fitness fusions, workout trends, diet fads and trendy workouts. The range extended from fat-free everything, Gilad aerobics, Billy Blanks tae-bo, yoga infomercials, power yoga, and evolved to a much more well-informed traditional practice of hatha yoga. What I discovered through the years was not the next best “thing” to keep me interested but rather the idea of integration. 


If whatever you’re doing doesn’t become a part of your life, then it will never stick. It’s that simple. 


For me, I found that my yoga practice followed me everywhere. No matter where I went, my yoga mat came with me. The ability to practice yoga anywhere, at any time, became my greatest anchor no matter how much my life changed through the years.

And that has become the driving force behind my “why”in becoming a yoga teacher and now, a health and wellness coach. I focus on how to stay anchored, active, balanced and hydrated throughout the inevitability of change. In order to institute healthy changes in your life, first ask yourself WHY?

WHY do you want to change? 

WHAT do you want to change? 

HOW can I help you become a better version of YOU?

Together, let’s develop a plan to help you find your ANCHOR and tap into your source of JOY.


True health is an abundance of ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM, a spring in your step, and the capacity to LAUGH out loud. 


Thank you for connecting with Taj Wellness! We're happy you found us. We will reply to all inquiries within a 24-hr time frame.

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