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To Activate Joy

TAJ Wellness strives to create joyful places and pathways for yoga, health and wellness coaching for longevity, and opportunities to reconnect with the community; all aimed TO ACTIVATE JOY. Our goal is to foster a sense of community and support, and to ultimately encourage our clients to live healthier and happier lives. Welcome to TAJ a source for yoga, wellness, and community!

Semicircle of Crystals

Roots of Taj

The original roots of "TAJ - a source for yoga and wellness" grew out of Tia's past company, Yoga Source, a twenty-two year old Richmond, VA based yoga studio. Though, the insight for TAJ Wellness, was born in utero, literally. During her pregnancy, she would wake up in the wee hours of the morning, with flashes of inspiration more times than she could count. After the closure of Yoga Source in 2022 due to the strains of the COVID pandemic, Tia decided to transform the multi-layered studio concept into a one woman-owned business focused solely on yoga, health and wellness coaching for longevity, and rebuilding community.

After retiring her role as Owner and Director of Yoga Source for the past fifteen years, she knew it wasn’t truly the end, but just a pause to recalibrate and reflect on what truly matters most. On this life long journey toward wellness, the most important piece to wholeness is a connection to something greater than yourself and the importance of your family. 


As Tia began to connect all of the dots of her past experiences, she soon discovered the path of health and wellness coaching synthesized many parts of her life: her love of movement, dance and fitness, healthy eating, mindfulness, meditation, and the practice of yoga. Teaching, inspiring others and being of service to the community has always been a consistent through line in her life. 


While studying to become a certified health and wellness coach with Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, a space for practice and rebuilding community found Tia and TAJ. With a collaborative effort between Revolution BJJ and TAJ Wellness, a new home for yoga was found. Starting this Fall, TAJ Wellness will begin to offer individual yoga lessons, weekly yoga classes and monthly community events at Revolution BJJ. Additionally, Tia will offer virtual health and wellness coaching sessions by appointment and weekly outdoor wellness walks at select parks in and around Richmond, VA.


Hence, after the birth of Tia's son, Noah Gabriel Taj in 2022, she's happy to announce the birth of TAJ: a source for yoga and wellness in 2023. 

I strive to create JOYFUL places and pathways for yoga and social experiences that inspire people to engage in a lifestyle centered around health, friendship, and purpose.

Meet Tia

Founder of TAJ Wellness
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I’mTia and I’m here to support your desire to make healthy choices and positive changes to improve your overall well being. I strive to create JOYFUL places and pathways for yoga and social experiences that inspire people to engage in a lifestyle centered around health, friendship, and purpose. I believe safety comes first, quality supersedes quantity, and all are welcome.

My Why



“Finding the balance of what to hold on to and what to let go of is where the magic happens” -C Schoew


Health & Wellness Coach - Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

Home Health Aide- Bayada Home Health Care

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant - National Health Association

Certified Yoga Teacher e-RYT 500 - Yoga Alliance 

Continuing Education Provider YACEP - Yoga Alliance 

YogaWorks® Certified

BarreWorks® Certified 

BFA- Dance Performance & Choreography - VA Commonwealth University

Forty Six years of Life experience

Thirty years of Teaching experience

Fifteen Years of Business Ownership

Twenty months of Motherhood

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